Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Why We Suffer for the U.N.

New York has been besieged by United Nations Security Council madness. Not only is traffic at an unbelievable level of congestion but every wacko in the world is targeting one or more of the many prominent figures that come along with this U.N. gathering.

So why does New York do it? Why do we accept this suffering?
  • Pride. This concept is intangible and difficult to define. But the people of New York suffer in order to show the world the sense of control and overall organizational brilliance that we possess.
  • Fame. With the global news coverage comes global awareness. Hopefully the logic is to utilize this awareness to further boost tourism and tourist-related activities, and the overall global prominence of New York.

There are elements of direct monetary compensation (either by the U.N. itself or spending related to the influx of visitors) - but this is probably negated by the additional security costs accepted by the City. Overall, it seems that we embrace the U.N. and its shenanigans to prove that we can.

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