Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Wired Way

I love Wired magazine. It is one of the few publications for which I enjoy reading the paper copy more than the online version. This is because Wired is able to create a unique emotional, intellectual, and even physical response.

Because the online content is nearly identical to the paper version it must be some other feature that moves me to read the monthly, physical version. I think that it mainly has to do with design. The actual magazine is constructed in such a way that it always challenges my preconceived expectations for layout. Charts, diagrams, and drawings are surprisingly placed. The layout is a puzzle, that once solved, fosters an additional form of fulfillment.

I'm not sure that this can be replicated through digital text and images. But it does tell me that creativity combined with good content might prolong the existence of or even save some paper-based publications.
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