Monday, October 19, 2009

Web Design Can Be Fun

I stumbled upon a great website recently: The CSS Awards. This site highlights and awards other websites that utilize the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) technology. It serves as a wonderful hub for discovering some beautiful designs.

Although most of the featured websites are quite different, a few underlying themes are apparent:
  • Photographs and cartoons are seamlessly combined.
  • No longer are white and black the only backgrounds of choice.
  • Huge font-sizes are in.
  • Humor can serve a serious purpose.
  • Straight lines no longer dominate - but neither do soft curves.
  • Rich and often natural textures give new depths to a fundamentally 2-Dimensional canvas.

None of the recent design trends are revolutionary, but they are fun, imaginative, and usually quirky. They do show a new sense of excitement and an ever-growing visual freedom.

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