Monday, August 10, 2009

Get Ready for the Tangible Backlash - Part II

So now that I've argued that real things will make some sort of significant comeback, what does that mean for businesses new and old?
  • There will be a breakout collectible item that will hit across generational groups and will become a fast-burning yet Billion Dollar opportunity - think the new Beanie Babies.
  • The concepts of pure and rare will become closely tied to the real - such as live gatherings, live music, live comedy.
  • A premium will be accepted for good design - we already get this with brands such as Apple and and Method, but will also get it in new and unexpected places.
  • Anything vintage will be valuable - we already see this with Vinyl music and we'll see it with film, art, toys, design, and other creative outlets that have been recently consumed by the digital domain.
  • The real estate and automobile industries will experience a rapid comeback - beating all expectations - what's more real than the home and the ride?

All of these predictions are quite positive and will benefit from riding the economic-recovery wave. They represent opportunities large and small that will offer a significant, yet temporary revival for all that is tangible.

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