Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day to Nikola Tesla

Being that it's Father's Day and that I already spent most of the day with my father, I would like to dedicate this post to Nikola Tesla and to wish him a Happy Father's day. Although Tesla never had any children and was widely considered to be celibate for most of his life (he said that celibacy contributed to his scientific output), Tesla is finally being widely accepted as the father of modern technology.

Nikola Tesla was a Serb born in Croatia in the mid 1800s. He was a worldly person who conducted his most prolific work in Western Europe and the United States. He is most recognized for developing and popularizing alternating current (AC) electric power - the form of electric energy that powers nearly all homes and businesses. His second most important work contributed to the development of wireless communication as Tesla built the first wireless radio - his technology was later utilized by Marconi. Other notable contributions to modern technology included his work in X-rays and the creation of the AC electric-motor.

Tesla took a more revolutionary and eccentric route in his later years as he attempted to develop a system for wireless transfer of electricity. Although Tesla's legacy was overshadowed by Edison and Marconi for over 50 years, Tesla is finally receiving the true credit that he deserves (even having his name attached to a modern electric car company). Nikola Tesla can now justly be regarded as having a role in the development of nearly all the branches of modern technology that power our interconnected lives. Happy Father's Day Nikola Tesla.


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