Thursday, June 4, 2009


Would you rather be on Taxicab Confessions or Cash Cab?

Taxicab Confessions is a television show about passion. A secret camera documents the taxi ride of interesting people in their most genuine form - usually at night, occasionally under the influence of various mind-altering substances, terribly talkative, and painfully honest. In the newest episode "a disparate group of revelers, fetishists, imbibers, romantics, and lonely hearts let down their guard, spilling their innermost secrets to anonymous cab drivers - and to each other." What results is usually absurd but occasionally brilliant.

Cash Cab is about sugar-coated profit with a hint of fun. The show gives regular people the ability to make a quick buck while riding in the back of a moving game show - a rigged-up New York City taxi. Each correct question is worth $25 to $100 dollars and three incorrect answers leave the passengers stranded at the destination of their third strike. What you usually get is a bit of wholesome entertainment, a productive journey, and a minimal amount of risk. The ride is relatively smooth.

Which ride would you get into?


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