Saturday, June 6, 2009

What does fun do for you?

New technology has given us thousands of new activity-options. More specifically, we've been given the ability to entertain ourselves and be entertained by an immeasurable amount of content, in numerous shapes and forms, and through various new channels. From the Nintendo Wii, to the iPhone, to IMax theaters, time has become the greatest bottleneck slowing total digital nirvana.

Thus we pick and we choose our entertainment ever-more carefully. No longer is fun enough to justify an entertainment activity. Additional utility is required to justify new forms of amusement. We demand to be bettered and entertained at the same time. Leisure time must move us forward in life.

This is why the Wii Fit has become such a success - fun and fitness at the same time. This is why the Nintendo DS offers users the ability to improve the mind through playing mind-exercising games. This is why Malcolm Gladwell's books are so popular - the ability to learn complex ideas through a lightweight and pleasurable way. This is also why television options such as The Learning Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Food Network, and Home & Garden Television have all substantially grown their ratings and cultural significance.

Future forms of entertainment will greatly benefit from providing productivity in addition to fun fluff.


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